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A Future Plan

Floral City continues to survive and there are good indications it may one day flourish again not as a boomtown, but by retaining and enhancing its roots. A new gateway sign at the east entrance to town provides a hint to the future. It is one of numerous objectives in a Vision 2020 Action Plan developed from community surveys and workshops and includes the development of a Town Center for the three county government buildings in the downtown.

Plans involve a new Library, moving the parking to behind the buildings and returning the front to a park-like area. The historic limerock Community Building will serve as the keystone for the architecture of the other two county buildings. Landscaping the front will build on the established Floral City Community Memorial Garden located between the Masonic Lodge and the Library.

The Garden was built in 1993-95 and contains the first ground-level brick Labyrinth in the county. A plaque describes this early Christian, spiritual, walking path and benches provide a resting place for reading and meditation.

There are no names in the Garden only memories. Names "in honor" or "in memory" are recorded in the Memorial Book placed in the Library.

Across Orange Avenue and on the Withlacoochee State Trail is another indication of the community's involvement to improve the village. Completed in 1997 with a memorial fund to one of John Paul Formy-Duval's great-grand daughters, the "Jenrette Gazebo Site" sits mid-point on the popular, 46-mile bike and walking trail. The site, also, boosts an interpretive history kiosk, "Floral City's Travelers and Their Trails," a project accomplished locally with some aid from the Department of Environmental Protection and another local memorial fund.

Unseen behind the lace covered windows of historic homes, Floral City residents toil to attain the Vision 2020 Action Plan. The Vision statement from that Plan is being used in a Citrus County Special Overlay District to preserve Floral City. That vision statement: "Floral City where our two-lane tree-shaded roadways, natural waterways and rural, historic architecture are not compromised while our quality of life is improved." summarizes the pride, concerns and commitment of the citizens of Floral City, Florida.

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